el Lokal BBQ Station is open
Lunch will be served not before August 17th 2020
Our own house publication, providing an interesting look into what's what on our island and beyond...
A special column giving a high-five to worthwhile articles and opinions all through the year...
The very last island on the Sihl
We're open to you every day and you'll get: Bar, Restaurant, Galley, the Forever Party, a Coastal Stroll, Swiss Railway (SBB) nearby, own Parking Garage, Football Greats, Appenzeller Friends, World Music and its Unforgettable Tunes, Something to Read, Theater and Arts from our neighbors, Sailor- and Fisherman stories, Great Food and Atmosphere - all expecting you on the last island on the deepblue Sihl!
                   !!   We are open daily from 15.15 till 00.00   !!
Openingtimes from August 17th 2020....

Monday to Thursday 11.11am till 23.23pm
Fryday 11.11am till 23.23pm
Saturday 2.02pm till 23.23pm
Sunday 2.02pm till 23.23pm

«I don't trust the answers or the people who give me the answers. I believe in dirt and flowers and fresh pasta and salsa cruda and red wine. I don't believe in white wine; I insist on color.» 
Charles Bowden (1945 - 2014) was 69. Chuck—never Charles—didn't 
write for money ...

el Lokal