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Grandmaster of Dub
Freitag, 09.03.2007
Adrian Sherwood
feat. Lee «Scratch» Perry
Als würde der Papst nach Regensburg heimkommen. Etwa so.

"This is my second solo album. It's personal, it's good and I'm very proud of it," concludes Sherwood happily.

"The man who started it all off with his scary dub journeys into bass-country. Still the Don, we salute you" - THE GUARDIAN

"One of the few bona fide visionaries in showbusiness. Without Sherwood music today would sound very different........5/5" - DAILY EXPRESS

"Massive Attack eat your hearts out...4/5" - , INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

"Astonishing...Masterly...4/5" - Lois Wilson, MOJO

"Haunting and catchy...4/5" - Dave Simpson, THE GUARDIAN

"The best example of the producer-as-artist ethos since Lee 'Scratch' Perry" - Dele Fadele, NME

"A voyage for the mind as well as a blissful, dub-heavy assault on the sternum" Richard Preston, DAILY TELEGRAPH

"A delicious dub stew" - Andy Gill, THE INDEPENDENT

"Seminal...One of dub's most enlightened and aurally literate gurus..4/5 " - Grahame Bent, DJ mag

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