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Saturday, 04.04.2020, 20:20
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The Black Barons
Baseball and Country music (and apple pie)

Three pillars of true Americana. The Fifties had baseball with the dominant Birmingham Black Barons (with the great Willie Mays), hitting home runs in the United Negro League. In music, Country has over time produced a stampede of artists but few like the towering Johnny Cash (1932 – 2003), the original Man in Black. Next to «Ring of Fire», «Ghost Rider in the Sky», «Walk the Line», «Folsom Prison Blues», «If I Were a Carpenter», the man’s discography includes «The Baron» from ’81, his then 66th album. Subsequently, he added another 29 original albums to reach an unbelievable grand total of 97 releases before joining the ghost riders in the sky. 

Paying homage to Johnny and to a significant American heritage with their cool mix of country, rock’n’roll, rockabilly, and blues are Switzerland’s own The Black Barons. The leader is singer-songwriter and guitarist Florian C. Roth, embroidered shirt and all, and he’s beautifully complemented by the crystal clear voice of Jessie Wezel. Yes, they’re giving some love to Johnny and June Carter Cash and their legacy. But tonight they’ll be introducing their brand-new album «Flo & Jessie (I’ve gone my way)» which includes a barrel full of their own compositions that will take you on a rock’n’rolling swing along the endless highway of human emotions. (An earlier honor to the band’s musicianship had Swiss radio bestow the recognition of «One of the Best Albums of the Year 2013». American country is cooking with the heat turned up and a fresh new flavor, courtesy of The Black Barons. To all yahoos out there, let’s rejoice ‘cause The Black Barons know what you want, so come and get it. The apple pie you have to bake yourself.

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