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Monday, 23.03.2020, 20:20
Admission: 20.–
Th. Hoffmann

The thing about talent.

«If you have it and you know you have it, then you have it. If you have it but don’t know you have it, then you don’t have it. If you don’t have it but you think you have it, then you have it» said New York City bus driver and comedian Jackie Gleason.

Quick-witted Th. has IT, and in spades. A free-spirited poet, indie-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist, this eccentric artist he’s been a local fixture for years, not least because he performs in Swiss dialect and in German. Solo or as the singer for the Acapulco Stage Divers, his idiosyncratic songs dig deep into the psyche and emotions of his fellow man, from A to Zurich. A consummate guitarist with a penchant for high-flying sonic excursions, he’s released the earlier album «Uranus» on which he plays all instruments. As an Aquarian, he probably feels the influence of this unpredictable planet more than most – intellect, spirituality, independence and even paranormal telepathy. 

The focus tonight is on the release of this unassuming artists’ fifth solo album «Gegengewicht (Counterweight)» for which he secured the back-up of the fine band Locas in Love from Cologne. He’ll be performing solo tonight but two songs from the new album, «US» and “Goldenes Kind (Golden Child)” have already been released on his website, Beware the idiosyncratic texts, like on his composition «US», which may require several Rendez-vous to fully sink in. Or perhaps not at all and the song’s to be enjoyed for its out-of-this-world quality, it’s melodic proficiency, carried up up and away by jubilant guitar play. Let’s be real, Th.’s got a ton of talent, talent that comes across best on the small stage. He just needs a bit of nourishment.

El Lokal, playing since 1.8.2000. Thank you for your patronage.

el Lokal