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Monday, 02.03.2020, 20:20
oh what a night...
Christian Kjellvander
Sing softly and carry a big heart.

Swedish singer-songwriter Christian Kjellvander is a thinking person’s musician, a daydreaming desperado who reflects on life as he sees and feels it, creating an intimacy between the listener and himself. Dreamy and melancholic, he doesn’t shy away from embracing an everpresent darkness, but it’s the kind of darkness the bright midsummer light gives rise to. Full of longing and at times disturbing, he invokes sonic whiteblue seascapes and touches on the opaque panorama of the human soul. If he dwells on his own moralism it’s because he’s got things to say. Specifically when he addresses human behavior or one of contemporary life’s growing scourges - cheap isolationism.

The voice is soft and strong, think Leonard Cohen on to Neil Young, and he employs as many as 8 guitars, atmospherically and propulsively, to levitate things. For a time in early life he grew up in Houston, Texas and returned to Sweden as a 16-year old with a duffel bag full of sounds from those parts. The blues, Americana and free jazz all traveled with him back home where he joined the alt-country band Loosegoats and where, with his bandmates and his brother Gustaf, he produced «The Painted Trees of Ghostwood». Christian’s toured the U.S. and Europe where at one time in Paris he staged and performed a concert on a rooftop high above the City of Light. His latest cd is «Wild Hxmans» and as the albums unfurls, it brings you to the song «Faux Guernica»: We’re all born with a weight / We get lighter every day / Come on now, spread the love / Until we finally drift away». Whistle that to the moon on your way home.

El Lokal, playing since 1.8.2000. Thank you for your patronage.

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