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Monday, 28.10.2019, 20:20
oh what a night...
Malcolm Middleton
He packs a soft punch and he lands it right below the belt.

His current album is titled «Bananas» and in the song «Gut Feeling» (explicit), he sings he doesn’t have that gut feeling anymore but «loads and loads of wankers» inside his head that are shutting down his own. Irreverent Indie rocker Malcolm Middleton is also a member of Scottish indie bands, the off- and on Arab Strap (with Aidan Moffat) and Reindeer Section, groups that have shown their love for artists such as Smog and Will Oldham. Solo, he’s performed under the pseudonym «Human Don’t Be Angry», released several albums, the most recent the aforementioned 2018’s «Bananas». Featuring his characteristically immaculate production, the strength of his art also lies in his single-minded writing, poking at and revealing the human condition. Uncompromising lyrics which he supports with his skill on guitar, bass guitar, piano, saxophone, and vocals.

An inconclusive sampler of his songs could include «The Ballad of Fuck All», apparently an ode to the great Spaghetti Western meanie Lee Van Cleef, which he cushions with his acoustic guitar and the backing of an ironic sweetjeezes chorus. The words «A better use for this pen would be to stick it through my chest» can be stomached on the song «Buzz Lightyear Helmet» (explicit) and there’s also «Love Is a Momentary Lapse In Self Loathing» (explicit again), chartbusters all if it wasn’t for the limitations of mainstream tastes. In an earlier song he sings «We’re all going to die». No two ways about it, but it won’t happen from listening to this great artist and his deep-reaching, idiosyncratic songs.

The music of Malcolm Middleton. Ascending along the concrete walls of our auditorium, in and out of the ears of Diego Maradona, rising to the rafters and out through the roof blasting into the goddamn dark of the night. «Ach. Malky fuckin’ rules» a fan wrote. That’s just the truth.

Bittersweet Malcolm «Malky» Middleton, live at El Lokal. Nihilism never sounded this good.

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