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Monday, 23.09.2019, 20:20
oh what a night...
The closest description for «Landstreicher» in english is «Hobo». You never knew there was such an existential bunch cruising Switzerland, did you?

Ok, so we’re talking about the old and real old times when these folks were perpetually traveling the countryside looking for work, from village to village, hamlet to hamlet, farm to farm. Helping out with the harvest, in the cow barn, with the Metzgete (wurstmaking) and getting whole weddings to boogie down to their music because it was their music that opened doors, hearts and the Croesus bag for them. Landstreichers were well versed at songwriting which was inspired by everyday life, they were self-taught masters in the art of the fiddle, accordion, song, and people-pleasing. Refusing to be tied down, they kept on moving on.

Their music, basically rousing dancing tunes, has been passed on through generations and is still thriving with Landstreichmusik, a contemporary formation that upholds the tradition in their own inimitable way by breathing new life into this traditional Swiss folk art. Their line-up has Matthias Lincke playing the fiddle, mandolin and adding vocals, Christine Lauterburg on fiddle, viola, Juchz and Jodel vocals, Dide Marfurt and his Halszither (cittern, also English or Portuguese guitar), hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe, drum and Jews harp and Simon Dettweiler with his Schwyzer Oergeli, a diatonic button accordion, special to Swiss folk music. They’re joined by Elias Menzi on the Appenzeller Hackbrett (or tympanon) and Austrian Matthias Haertel on contrabass and Schluessel Fiedel, a lute type instrument going back to the 14th century. Landstreichmusik’s current album is fittingly called «Immer mobil» (always on the go) which doesn’t just relate to their busy touring, with several earlier stops here at El Lokal, but their creative state of mind as well. And they keep on moving on.                           

Live at El Lokal, Landstreichmusik. Dance, dance, dance as if it’s the last thing you ever do.

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