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Monday, 20.05.2019, 20:0
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Hank Shizzoe
How was it playing NY City’s Carnegie Hall, Hank?

He sure did and at other times supported Mr. Bob Dylan, ZZ Top, Ali Farka Toure and Bo Diddley in their sonic adventures. Born as Thomas Erb in 1966 not far from here, this splendid word and soundsmith was even lauded by an enthusiastic scribe at Rolling Stone as «the best roots-rock songwriter and guitar stylist who’s not from the U.S.». Be that as it may, as a composer, master guitar player, astute banjoist and fine vocalist on his own, he’s also a much sought-after session musician all around our globe and could even be seen acting in the role of Whit in the production of John Steinbeck’s «Of Mice And Men» on a stage in Bern. Hank has declared his love for the mountains, the forests, motorcycles, California and fine food and that’s probably not all of it.

Mr. Shizzoe recorded an astonishing 15 albums to date, including 2014’s thrilling «Songsmith» which was produced by his buddy Stephan Eicher whom Hank supported on tour for the eminent Swiss artist’s own album «Envolee». Flying the coop the following year was the album «This Place Belongs To The Birds», a work excelling and distinguishing itself with his customary featherlight and swinging play on acoustic guitar. The title apparently is referring to this our island of many treasures, home of many a funny bird and the roost of choice by Hank the Horny Heron. His brandnewest is «Steady As We Go» and about it the artist himself says «It was about time. We’ve never played better. I very much love to sing these songs, my voice is on another level. I’ve been wanting to make this album for decades and I believe one can hear that.» A number of guests can be heard on it as well, 15-year veteran Michel Poffet is there and kudos also go to his band of half a tenner: Tom Etter on guitar and Simon Baumann on drums, as well as Jeana Hadley for the cd cover illustration and design.

Hank Shizzoe, live at El Lokal. Steady as we go (merrily, merrily down the Mississihl).

el Lokal